International Legal Services


We specialize in providing sophisticated legal solutions in international matters for business and individuals, with emphasis on matters relating to Japan and China.

  • International Transactions. Structuring and execution of international business transactions including:

    • International Acquisitions. Purchase of business entities in international transactions including due diligence, review and resolution of local law and tax issues, government approvals, payment terms including escrow, and transaction closing.

    • Business Contracts. Support in negotiation, structuring, and documentation of business deals including licenses, distribution, sale and purchase of goods, business leases, options etc.

  • Contracts and legal documents in Chinese and Japanese. We specialize in directly reviewing and advising on contracts, patents and other legal documents in Chinese and Japanese, including verification/quality check of legal translations.

  • Advice on foreign/local law. We provide advice on issues of foreign law for business transactions, litigation and other purposes.

  • International Litigation. Missteps in structuring international litigation can "snatch defeat from the jaws of victory". We support clients with professional, unbiased advice on international litigation. including:
    • Where to sue. The choice of forum (state or country) is a crucial initial choice that may determine whether the action ends in success and failure for the plaintiff. What are the procedural pitfalls and costs of different approaches?

    • Choice of local law firm. We can help you select law firms to litigate your case based on international expertise and thorough advance vetting. Does a firm have a track record? Does it maintain the right mix of expertise, experience and dedication? Is there a wide bench of dedicated specialists? How will the firm deal with inevitable setbacks and errors? Does the firm have appropriate support staff and processes and procedures for quality control and case management?

    • Enforcement. Can a judgment be enforced in other jurisdictions (e.g. where the defendant has assets)? Can a defendant defeat all or part of a judgment at the enforcement stage?